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What Clients Say

The hike to Gui Gui Beach was definitely a highlight of the week. It was a tough trek, but totally worth it for the beauty of such a remote location.


Amazing experience to discover the island during an hike with a great group


The volcano hike was amazing - beautiful scenery and far reaching views. The trip was made even better by the wine and food at the Vineyard!


A pleasant lunch break between two hikes.


Taking part in the hike was great fun. There were stunning views down into the crater as well as out to sea! Highly recommend it!


I would like to say thanks for really one of the best holidays on Gran Canaria for me till now! Thank you, Patrick, Andrew, and all the CanCanaria team, thanks to everyone participating we all together made this week as amazing experience!


Thanks to all CanCanaria crew for the effort during this week: the excellent result witnesses how everything has been done properly, just for our leisure!


Enjoying a final coffee before departing to the airport and just wanted to say a big thank you to Patrick, Andy, Steven and everyone else who made last week such a cracking experience. Also, its been great to meet so many lovely new people who have made the week what it was. Thank you x


Thanks for organising! Great stuff ūü§© Bring on Adventure Week 2024!


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