What you need to know

For all activities

Water:Bring at least 1 litre more than you would normally drink on an activity and remember only to use bottled water, do not drink from the tap.

Layers:It will be hot in the sun and cold in the shade

Sun Cream: It is essential to protect yourself from the sun, even if it looks cloudy. Also consider a sun block for your nose, ears and face, since the UV can be quite brutal, even in the Winter.

Medicines: If you have hay fever, diabetes, minor ailments etc. Please be aware some medications are not recommended for use on some of our activities such as Via Ferrata, Canyoning, Scuba Diving, please check with us in advance if you are unsure.

Food Containers and water bottles: Please bring something to pack your lunch in, a food box or even better a small cooler bag. Reusable water bottles or hydration bladders are also useful. These can be bought locally, but its always cheaper to bring your own.

Barcodes: You will have received an individual barcode for each activity you have booked. Bring on your phone, no need to print these.

Meeting Point

Meeting  Location: Buddies Bar – Ground Floor Yumbo Centre

Pick-Up Time: Your pick-up time will depend on your activity, see Agenda page these times may change. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your departure time. 

Please check the Agenda page 24 hours before your adventure to confirm departure times.

Weather Conditions

Gran Canaria is known for its year-round good weather, yet we still have a Winter, which generally means the air temperature is cold.

In the South (by the coast): In the sun you will feel hot and can easily burn, however in the shade or after sunset it can feel cold and you will need a jumper (and possibly long trousers).

In the North or in the Mountains: The higher you go the colder it will get and it is possible to get rain (we do have a rainforest in the North). We recommend layers, starting the day in t-shirt and shorts progressing to jumper/jacket and long trousers as you hike higher or the sun fades.

Activity Specific

Scuba Diving, Surfing, Canyoning, Via Ferrata

All essential equipment, ropes, wetsuits, boards, tanks, etc, will be provided by our partners. 

Scuba Diving and Surfing: Swimwear, Towel, Sun Cream, something to eat as a sandwich, fruit or snack bar – please make sure we have your body size for your wetsuit.

Canyoning: Mountain Trekking Shoes, preferably waterproof, swimwear, towel and dry to change into. We also recommend a nylon t-shirt to put over your wetsuit as it can get cold when wet in the shade, something to eat as a sandwich, fruit or snack bar – please make sure we have your body size for your wetsuit.

Via Ferrata: Mountain Shoes or at least closed sports shoes, wear comfortable sports clothes, something to eat as a sandwich, fruit or snack bar

VIP Yacht Experience

For this event please bring: A towel, Swimwear and Suncream. We recommend you bring some warm clothes in a bag for later in the day.

Rainforest, Red Canyon and Heart of Volcano Tour

Backpack, swimwear and towel, 1.5 litres of water, Mountain Footwear or closed sports shoes, wear comfortable sports clothes and something warm to wear in a bag (for the Volcano Tour it can get very cold after sunset). Something light to eat such as a sandwich, fruit or snack bar. Bags can be left in the mini bus so you won’t need to carry your stuff all day.


Water: Bring at least two litres

Day rucksack: Typically, 20-30 litres, they are comfortable to wear and allow you to use your arms freely.

Boots:  Waterproof and breathable, with good ankle support, designed for hiking, trainers are OK for low-level or coastal hikes.

Socks: Proper walking socks will keep your feet dry and help prevent blisters

Layered clothing: Lets you quickly adapt to changes in the weather and body temperature. Go for a base layer (vest or t-shirt) and a mid-layer (a micro fleece or shirt) and in cooler weather add an outer layer (a windproof jacket or thick fleece)

Trousers: Ideally no jeans as they become heavy and cold in the rain, breathable fabrics are more comfortable and drier and on warm days shorts are OK – zip off walking trousers are ideal.

Waterproof jacket: Essential when hiking in the Mountains or in the North of the Island, breathable fabrics are more comfortable and drier.

Gloves: Windproof, or better still, waterproof gloves are the best choice, bring a spare pair if expecting rain

Hiking Poles: What we lack in distance, we make up in height and surface here in Gran Canaria, so we find hiking poles very useful, especially in the mountains (for example the Gui Gui Beach Hike)

Hat or cap: Stay warm in winter and shaded in summer.

Sunglasses: For any day, even in winter

Sun cream: Essential even on cloudy and winter days

Snacks: Bring biscuits, energy bars, gels, bananas, chocolate, or dried fruit for example and put them somewhere easy to get hold of

Lunch: Bring a packed lunch unless otherwise stated

Solo or Unaccompanied Hikes: You may wish to bring a small first aid kit or at least blister plasters. And of course, a walking map and compass.




We will always do our best to ensure that your trip goes well and that you have a safe and enjoyable experience, however, in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, we carry public liability insurance cover as a licensed Tourist Intermediary/Intermediación Turística.

Here are our details in case you need them:

CanCanaria operates as a Intermediación Turística – Código de Identificación: I-0004953.1

Patrick Stephen Marmion

NIE: Y5045729A

Public Liability Insurer: GENERALI

Policy number: RS-G-620.009.182

We often employ external parties to help us deliver events and activities, and we take steps to ensure that those third parties also carry public liability insurance.

Even with no fault on the part of us or our partners, there remains some risk of you suffering loss or damage while taking part in events and activities arranged by us. Some of our activities come with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions.

With this in mind, we would always recommend that you ensure you are covered by a suitable policy of travel insurance. Some of our activities are not routinely covered by standard travel policies, so you should always check the wording carefully and take out a specific policy if necessary