Canyoning – Your Next Adventure with CanCanaria of the most fascinating activities in adventure sports, consisting of descending a ravine or canyon following the course of the water, combining different exercises such as: walking, jumping, climbing, abseiling, and above all, having fun! 

Access unsuspected places, the beautiful Laurisilva forests, waterfalls, natural slides and discover the hidden side of the island. 

Anyone can do the canyoning activity in complete safety, as you will always be accompanied by a specialized guide, both English and Spanish speaking, who will ensure you have fun. During the activity, you will be provided with all necessary equipment: a wetsuit, helmet and personal protective equipment (harness, carabiner, and eight). Transportation and insurance are also covered.

Canyoning is carried out weekly and takes between 4/5 hours, bookings available up to 12 months in advance, we suggest you book early as these groups are limited to 8 persons.  To find out more email

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